New music video!


Street Soul TV has been super busy with shooting our first feature documentary “Suomibreikkiä 1983-2013”, A history documentary about finnish breakdancing.

Here’s a music video we shot this spring for the local dance school.

A picture from our shoot:


You can check out their website here:

Also we shot a promotional documentary for 09 Helsinki Human Rights. Unfortunately the full version is not online, but you can check some short scenes of it in these links:

Dance for social change – 09 HHR

Basketball for social change

Malmi 09 multisports

Also we have  a new logo:

Street Soul TV logo

So there are lots of things going on! But now I have to get to editing 🙂





Topics: Dyzee’s work, R16-2012, Rox-rite vs. Issei, Bboys conforming to a system, Foundation and what it is? The scene splitting up, Raw energy of breaking, What is Flavor in Breaking?

We met up with Karl “Dyzee” Olivier Alba, 1 year after filming the Meet OUR Bboys movie to talk about how the system has picked up. Prepare for 20 minutes of revelations and debate on how the OUR system is affecting the bboyworld.

Stay tuned for part 2 soon!

Lights and camera: Anssi Saviluoto
Script and Idea: Hiski Hämäläinen
Host: Lanre Pedro aka Bboy Hakeem from South Africa and South Korea.

Footage from R16, shot by Style2ouf. Old-school footage by Ramsey Najm.
Theme song: Anttti (Elmeri Turunen)
Other songs: Greyguy on

Filmed in Seoul, South Korea.

The Prototype! Henkka Hoo Hoo Huovinen!


We got two tasties for you this time, first an interview from world famous Bboy Hoo Hoo:

Edited by Dimitri Lisitsyn and Hiski! Shot by Hiski, Markus Bruun and Juuso Santala.

And then a trailer of his dancing! Well, it’s more like a short sci-fi movie, if you will! Enjoy!

Peace out from Street soul TV!

Bboy Dyno Rock Trailer

Joseph Corrales, Bboy Dyno Rock asked me to make a trailer, so I went to Helsinki and got it done!

Joseph comes from San Diego, California, but was now studying in Helsinki for 6 months.

Joseph rocks!



Slow motion dancing


While taking pictures at Anssi’s photostudio, we also took a couple of videos. One with bboys from Street Culture Club and one with a ballerina from the local dance studio:

Lighting by Anssi Saviluoto, Camera and edit by Hiski Hämäläinen.

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Kaj Bärlund interview


Last year we interviewed Kaj Bärlund after Back to Practice 2. The interview got lost in the piles of hard drives that are laying around at Anssi’s place, which we call our Archives.

Anyways, Kaj is a youth leader, a martial arts instructor, a bboy and an original thug from the streets. He was saved by hip-hop, and he is on a mission to save the youth of our capital area. He gave us an Urban Martial Arts lesson and participated in our 1vs1 bboy competition as well as the All-Styles crew competition.

Enjoy and share!


One last Battle – A Street Soul TV Short movie


Here is our first short film that we produced just with our dance crew. We’ve been filming other shorts for a long time, but we haven’t had our dancers acting in the them before. Also we made this because our bboy and hip-hop event Back to Practice had a video competition, and this was one of the participating movies.  All went well, and this is the result!

The movie is about two men, preparing for battle!

Epic isn’t it? Share on your facebook wall to support us! 🙂

Also check out a more detailed making of in my blog:

Hiskishow-Making of One Last Battle


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